What people are saying about Clarity with Christine

Christine, you are detailed and diligent when it comes to helping clients. The insights you shared with me regarding all three of my children is priceless.

Empowered with that understanding, I am so much better able to help them. Thank you for your selflessness and dedication in helping me with my kids. You were spot on and the connections to past lives and this lifetime were truly very healing. Thank you so much for being gentle, yet the powerhouse of light that you are.

I cannot recommend Christine enough to anyone looking for deep healings.


Christine is one of those people you could talk to for days that makes you feel invincible. She has the ability to really amplify your connection to spirit, your guides, and your sense of belonging. I was blown away listening to her walk me through one of her meditations. She was able to read my energy and clear my feelings of overwhelm and confusion. I left our session feeling at peace with a clear sense of my next steps. I highly recommend working with Christine.


I have enjoyed two sessions with Christine and each brought unexpected insights to my everyday life – real ‘aha’ moments – and glimpses of possibilities to come. I highly recommend seeking Clarity with Christine.


Christine is wonderful, she has helped me clear some unusual energy in my house both whilst it was standing and then helped me to shift some feelings about the land it had stood on when we tore it down to rebuild again. She’s amazingly intuitive and kind and I wholeheartedly recommend her.


Christine’s care and light are so evident and she opens every heart. Her genuine love and affection are very powerful. Her clients have a lot to benefit from her insights, intuition, and counsel. She gave me fresh perspectives on old issues.


Christine is amazing! She helped me identify how I was pushing away love from my life without realizing it. She brought awareness to how much my family loves me and I am grateful for this gift. Thank you so much for bringing this back to my awareness!


Christine s a compassionate, precise, heart-centered conscious, intuitive human being who offers an articulate eye into your truth and touches upon energy and connectedness that which helps you feel empowered to move forward in your next endeavor with support and guidance. I highly recommend a life-changing reading with Christine!


Christine helped me realize exactly what I needed to hear in the moment and then went right to work! What I loved about her is that she wasn’t afraid to talk about any subject. It was LOVE that I was looking for, but not just romance that I was missing …it was physical touch, cuddling, intimacy. She dove right in offering solutions and homework for me to continue calling in Love!

I HIGHLY recommend Christine.


Christine is an awesome intuitive coach. She checked in with my energy and found things that I really needed to clear. One was communication with very important people in my life. Since working with her my communication with others has improved. She gave me some great insights, brought a high vibration into every cell of my body and strengthened my energy and wisdom.


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